Discreet beer deliveries keep things Anonymous

Certain aspects of today’s craft beer culture can appear confusing, strange, or downright crazy to “outsiders.” There’s the line standing, the trading, the whale hunting, and now, even anonymous beer drops. 

Anonymous Brewing is a South Shore homebrewing duo currently based on the South Shore, with plans of turning contract brewer in the near future.

20861903_324380611354577_8257307899503453814_oAs with most homebrewers looking to make the leap into commercial production, the most important thing is getting some name recognition and beer samples out into the world. I’ve sampled my fair share of beers from homebrewers across the state, but Anonymous was a truly unique (and a bit strange to outsiders) experience.

True to their name, Anonymous reached out and asked for the best location to drop off a sample. I thought nothing of it and gave them my address and we chose a delivery date.

The process was simple: leave a cooler outside on the porch, they leave a bottle of WeyLey Red Ale inside, and everyone goes about their day.

When this came up while talking with my girlfriend, she thought it seemed extremely weird to give a stranger our address in return for a beer left on our porch. I feel like this is a testament about the camaraderie that’s so natural among the craft beer community. Whether it’s waiting in line for a release, hanging out at the bar in a taproom, or chatting on most online forums, it’s never too difficult to strike up a quick conversation and companionship over the shared love of craft beer. I could go on and on with this topic, but I’ll leave that for a future blog.

As for the beer, it was fantastic. It was sweet and malty with a great toasty finish. It was also surprisingly, yet pleasantly, creamy. I really look forward to the future of Anonymous Brewing as they move ahead with commercial production.

Anonymous WeyLey

Check out Anonymous Brewing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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