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Super Bowl LII wagers that must be made

As Super Bowl LII fast approaches, there’s no doubt some friendly wagers will be made in the craft beer community.

Last year, Sam Adams agreed upon a bet with Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing. The loser had to brew a beer with the name and logo portraying the winning team. Hence, Patriot Extra Pale Ale was born!

SweetWater Patriot Extra Pale Ale
SweetWater’s 420 Extra Pale Ale became Patriot Extra Pale Ale after the Pats defeated the Atlanta Falcons in dramatic fashion to end Super Bowl LI.

The guys at SweetWater took it in stride and sold out within hours.

This year, there are lots of options for some tasty wagers with the Pats returning to the Super Bowl to face the Philadelphia Eagles.

Harpoon Brewery and Philadelphia’s Yards Brewing Co. have already entered into a bet for this year’s matchup. Loser pours the winner’s beer while wearing jerseys of the winning football team.

Below are some dream scenarios that I think would be pretty fun, especially if the beers are flowing from New England taps.

(Full disclosure, as a Saints fan still recovering from a crushing defeat, I don’t care who wins, as long as I can get some of those sweet golden suds of victory.)

And let’s not forget about the guys down at Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co., who are coming off a tight victory over St. Augustine Distillery Company when the Pats beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. Can’t wait to see what kind of wager they brew up for the Big Game!


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