What are you waiting for? Drink it now!

I’d wager you’ve got a couple bottles of big stouts, funky sours, or even a nice barleywine sitting in your cellar (or wherever you comfortably store your beers) that you’ve convinced yourself you’re saving for a special occasion. Well, I’m here to suggest you open that sucker up and fill your glass this weekend.

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Cracking the code to spot fresh beer

As I assume many people’s drinking and buying habits have changed throughout the pandemic, so have my own. In the “before times,” I purchased a good majority of my beers at the conclusion of a few rounds with friends at a taproom. Other times, I’d swing by a brewery on the way home from work. Now, with a combination of less drinking at home and far fewer trips to taprooms, I find myself popping into a local packie (or liquor store for those of you outside of New England) for a four-pack more often than I used to.

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First-rate can list available at 2019 New England Patriots home games

If you’re at Gillette Stadium when the New England Patriots raise banner number six (or any other home game this season), chances are you’ll notice the increased selection of local craft beers available. No longer will you have to settle for over-priced macro offerings.

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Perfectly Craft’d experiences served up locally

Are you the type of person that gives some thought about what’s in your glass? Are you curious about why the brewer brewed it? Wondering why it got the name it did? What about the general history of the style? And hey, why’s it in this tulip instead of an IPA glass?  Continue reading →