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Beer Shippers make shipping nightmares a thing of the past

Trading is a great way of getting your hands on beers you’d otherwise never try, while also making new friends. Coming home to a porch bomb is always a fantastic feeling, but we’ve all endured the struggles of packing up that goodie box. Thankfully, there’s a new shipping tool that will make those struggles a thing of the past!

Beer Shippers is changing the beer trading game with their custom-fitting inserts designed to keep your cans safe. The Rhode Island-based company wants to make things as easy as possible to send and receive beers. (For some great tips and tricks to trade like a pro, check out Hop Culture’s guide to beer trading)

“Shipping hundreds of dollars in beer cans is like rolling dice. Between climate changes, transportation companies and human error anything can happen to your package,” their website says.

This means no more worrying about your beer making it to its destination safely. No more headaches caused by wrapping with endless rolls of bubble wrap, stuffing packing peanuts or newspaper, or finding a box that’ll fit all of that wasteful packaging.

Each shipper has 12 slots cut to the exact dimensions to hold 12- or 16-ounce cans surrounded by 1″ of Styrofoam on all sides. They are then fit into a custom 275 test corrugated box made to fit the beer can shipper like a glove. The inserts can also be easily modified to safely transport a tulip or teku glass. They’ve also just added a sweet 6-slot insert that slides right into USPS medium flat-rate boxes.


These boxes and inserts are super durable and reusable. Either work out a plan with your shipping partner so you send them your beers and they return the inserts when sending their beers to you, or simply spread the love and let those inserts loose into the wild to continue sharing good beer.


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