Top 5 cartoon beers I need to try

There are tons of people in the craft beer community that are constantly chasing whalez, but my top five will always elude me.

Obviously, this list contains beers that don’t actually exist (well, one’s been brewed for real a few time). In general, I’ve always been a bit fascinated with the off-brands created by Hollywood that are found in movies, television, and other sorts of productions.

Here are five beers I’d absolutely try if there was any way to transport myself into the world of animation.

5. Alamo Beer (King of the Hill)

Courtesy of FOX

Growing up, I always imagined Alamo Beer as the quintessential all-American beer to be enjoyed with friends. What better beer to crack open in the alley or sip on while flipping burgers on the grill? (Propane, of course!)

4. John Adams Beer (South Park)

Courtesy of Viacom

Who’s to say Sam’s the only Adams brother to enjoy a lager from time to time? It’s about time craft beer made its way from Denver into Park County.

3. Duff Beer (The Simpsons)

Courtesy of FOX

Like the “King of Beers,” Duff Beer and The Simpsons have been a part of American life for generations. The only beer on the list that’s been recreated in our own reality, the hard-working folks of Springfield simply “Can’t Get Enough of that Wonderful Duff!”

2. Teddy’s Brewskis (Bob’s Burgers)

Courtesy of FOX

A modest homebrew that pairs perfectly with Bob Belcher’s famous Burgers of the Day, Teddy’s Brewski is meant to be enjoyed with friends on any occasion.

1. Pawtucket Patriot Ale (Family Guy)

Courtesy of FOX

The original homage to the forefather of American craft beer, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Pawtucket Patriot is brewed locally in Quahog, RI. Kick back and enjoy a few while watching the latest New England-based sports team absolutely dominate the competition.

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