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Axe throwing hits the mark as the next big taproom activity

Sharpen the blades and keep the beer flowing: axe throwing is about to take over a taproom near you!

Sharpen the blades and keep the beer flowing: axe throwing is about to take over a taproom near you!This past weekend, I got to try my hand at axe throwing while enjoying an afternoon at Westport’s Buzzards Bay Brewing. Despite my full beard, flannel, and overall lumberjack looks, this was my first attempt at ever chucking some axes while enjoying a few pints.

The event was hosted by Mass Axes, the revolutionary company supplying hatchets to novice axe throwers at breweries. This was the perfect timing to host such an event, as it was the annual release of Buzzards Bay’s Lizzie’s Famous 81 Whacks red IPA. (Named, of course, after the alleged 1892 ax murderer Lizzie Borden.)

Plenty of breweries are in the midst of building out patios or other outdoor drinking areas, if they don’t already have one. Those areas typically feature some fun party games, such as corn hole, KanJam, ladder ball, and giant Jenga. I’m calling int now, axe throwing is going to replace all of these as the hottest outdoor taproom game of the summer!

I thought it would be pretty easy. Just toss the axe toward the target and it’ll obviously stick. Boy, was I wrong. As I waited in line for my turn, I watched as more and more folks tossed the axe only to watch it bounce off the bullseye and stick in the ground.

It was finally my turn to take a whack at it. After a few encouraging tips from the kilted “Axe Official” Adam Katz, I stepped up along with my friend Allen.

The first round was rough as both axes just bounced off the target. I started to get the hang of it in the second round, followed by sticking both axes during the third!

Next came my chance to win myself a sweet pair of Buzzards Bay sunglasses.

Welp, that sucked. But, despite not winning, I had an awesome time and walked away wanted to hop right back in line for another attempt.

I can’t wait for the next Mass Axes event! Beer and axes make a great combo (obviously when paired responsibly) and they’re about to take over the summer!


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If you wanna do this year round, we opened Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Fall River last summer. We don’t serve or sell beer but we are BYOB and if you show up with a 4-pack from Canned Heat or Troy City Brewery (our local microbrews), we give you 10% off your throwing fees😊


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