What are you waiting for? Drink it now!

I’d wager you’ve got a couple bottles of big stouts, funky sours, or even a nice barleywine sitting in your cellar (or wherever you comfortably store your beers) that you’ve convinced yourself you’re saving for a special occasion. Well, I’m here to suggest you open that sucker up and fill your glass this weekend.

Don’t just take my word for it. Several years ago, Allagash Brewing launched #DrinkitNow to encourage people to enjoy special beers for the best reason of all: no reason at all! This year’s Drink it Now Day falls on Sunday, Feb. 28.

There’s plenty of discourse throughout the internet about whether or not you should cellar beers or simply make a point to drink whatever you have as soon as you can. Many of the most sought after beers are held onto in the hopes that the perfect moment will arise where you can finally pop the bottle and celebrate some life-altering achievement. The truth is, your best bet is to make the moment yourself by opening that beer and enjoying it with some folks that you love. There’s never going to be enough of “those days.”

Now, I’m certainly not one to point fingers. I’ve got a cellar closet chock full of stouts and sours that I’ve amassed throughout the years convinced that they’re some sort of sacred vessels filled with the most precious liquid. I realize this is completely silly but I still make a point to buy a second bottle of limited release stouts thinking I’ll have a bottle now and save one for later, only to not drink either and simply add to my ever-growing collection. (Honestly, I did this just a week ago when Long Live Beerworks released a bourbon barrel-aged beauty called Take the Night Off, but I swear I’ll drink it soon!)

Now, I’ve tried to work my way through my stockpile. But it’s not so easy to just plow through 10%–13% ABV beers on any ol’ Tuesday night! I had made a resolution to myself at the start of 2020 to attend and even host more bottle shares so I could share my spoils with friends but, alas, *looks around and shrugs* 2020 didn’t quite go as planned.

However, I’m getting married this summer so there will (hopefully) be plenty of (safe) gatherings with friends leading up to the big day providing the perfect excuse to clear out some inventory. I’m looking forward to getting folks that don’t dabble much in dark beers to experience some of these gems and hear what they think. I also hope with the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel growing brighter by the week, I’ll have a chance to see some of my beer friends once again and share some thoughts over coveted bottles.

For now, please join me this weekend — heck, every weekend! — and crack open one or two of those bottles in your own collection and just enjoy the moment.

Photo credit: Allagash Brewery

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