Homebrew Con 2019 pours into Providence: A brief visitor’s guide

It’s pretty tough to throw a stone in any direction and not hit a brewery in the Ocean State, especially within the Greater Providence area. If you’re one of the thousands of homebrewers attending Homebrew Con 2019, you’d better come prepared.

Providence is the perfect location for this year’s Homebrew Con since the local beer scene is exploding. A state that used to be home to literally a handful of breweries just a few years ago, Rhode Island is now home to 26 breweries and several more planning to open their doors by year’s end.

To understand where Lil’ Rhody’s craft beer scene has come from and where it’s headed, be sure to attend the screening of The Craft: Rhode Island (Fri., June 28, 12:30-1:30 p.m. in the Ballroom A).

In addition to the various Homebrew Con-sponsored events, there are plenty of activities near and far (drive an hour north or south and find yourself in Boston or Connecticut, respectively) to keep you busy for your entire stay. (Don’t forget to cap off Homebrew Con 2019 with the Brewing Network as they host an epic anniversary party and Boil Rumble event at Fete Music Hall Saturday night, including a specially-curated tap list of more than 30 craft beers.)

If you want to keep things a little more local in between or after the day’s sessions, you won’t have to travel far. There are a dozen breweries less than 10 miles away from the Rhode Island Convention Center and even more eateries, many of which feature some solid draft lists. A quick walk or a short drive will get you to any of these fine choices in no time.

If you were planning on taking some beer back home, you might want to think again. Our alcohol laws here in Rhode Island are a little out-dated. Want to grab a 4-pack or two from Long Live? Go right ahead. Want to take home a case? Maybe someday. Multiple cases? HA! But hey, feel free to let our lawmakers know you would’ve loved to spend a little more money here.


Breweries (all distances from RI Convention Center)

Good eats

Nearby breweries


The Guild
(7 min drive, 4.6 mi)
* Country Malt Group Homebrew Con 2019 Kick Off Party, June 26, 6-10 p.m.

Smug Brewing Co.
(8 min drive, 4.2 mi)

Crooked Current
(8 min drive, 4.4 mi)

Foolproof Brewing Co.
(10 min drive, 4.7 mi)


Buttonwoods Brewery
(10 min drive, 5.7 mi)

Revival Brewing Co.
(14 min drive, 5.7 mi)


Proclamation Ale Co.
(15 min drive, 9.4 mi)

Apponaug Brewing Co.
(18 min drive, 9.8 mi)

Note: The Guild features beers from:

  • Devil’s Purse Brewing Co.
  • Great North Aleworks
  • The Guild
  • Narragansett Beer
  • Newburyport Brewing Co.
  • Night Shift Brewing
  • Wash Ashore Beer Company
  • Willie’s Superbrew

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