Perfectly Craft’d experiences served up locally

Are you the type of person that gives some thought about what’s in your glass? Are you curious about why the brewer brewed it? Wondering why it got the name it did? What about the general history of the style? And hey, why’s it in this tulip instead of an IPA glass? 

When it comes to the world of craft beer, there are so many things to learn. Luckily, more and more opportunities to learn are becoming available.

One such opportunity is Craft’d Company‘s event series, Beers with the Brewers and the recently launched Keg Talks.

Craft'd 2

Craft’d, founded and operated by Christine Healy, has been on the local scene for more than a year now.

Get the scoop straight from the brewers themselves

The Beers with the Brewers series gives folks the opportunity to meet their local brewers and hear from them about their journey.

“You’re definitely going to learn all the fun stories behind [the brewery],” Christine said of the event. “How they got their start, why they got into it, what local farmers they’re working with, all of that good stuff.”

It’s more than you’d get from a day at the taproom, with an exclusive look at the production area, samples of the brewery’s staple beers, and the chance to ask the brewers questions among an intimate group.

These events are divided among several Massachusetts counties, so far reaching Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Suffolk. Christine said she hopes to continue expanding west by year’s end.

Sociable, in-depth lessons from an expert in the craft

Keg Talks dives a bit deeper with the aide of Kelsey Roth, Certified Cicerone and general manager of Framingham’s Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company. These sessions explore topics like styles, origins, legends, brewing techniques, food pairings, and tasting notes.

Prior to the 2-hour Keg Talks sessions, attendees have a chance to mingle and socialize with other beer-loving strangers during a 1-hour social hour. This is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and talk about shared interests that brought you to the event.

In this industry, there’s always another lesson to be learned

Though fairly new to the craft beer scene, Christine is no stranger to event planning or beer. Her background includes event planning in Boston’s tech start-up community as well as visiting local breweries.

“What really started it was I thought breweries were such cool event spaces and I was like ‘Wait, I need to get into something that is all about bringing events into these spaces,’” she said.

Before arranging these types of educational events, she understood the importance of learning all she could about the industry herself. She continues to work with people across the industry to keep on top of her game.

“I don’t think we would stand a chance making Craft’d happen if I didn’t know at least something about the beer world,” Christine said. “I definitely don’t go into my relationships with breweries trying to pretend I’m an expert in beer or that I can brew. I really come in with my expertise in events and marketing, but I’ve already learned a lot and am continuously learning more about the industry.”

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