Don’t look now: Blind tastings help open up the mind

Blind tastings are an incredible way to get past preconceived opinions based on brand and haze boi hype. They offer an opportunity to appreciate beer and think about it critically.

You don’t need a refined palate or be an expert in craft beer. All you need are some beers, cups, and friends — hell, they can be strangers. You’ll all be friends by the end of the day!

It’s fantastic that folks like the Mass. Brew Bros. host these types of events. Not only do they promote Mass. craft beer, but a sense of camaraderie among people that simply appreciate good beer. One of the ultimate beauties of craft beer is the community it fosters.

During the events I’ve been lucky enough to attend, it’s great to get past the Instagram and Twitter handles and meet people I’ve been following and tweeting at face-to-face.

It’s great to talk about the beers you’re drinking with a mix of new and old friends. Talking about what you like about it, what you don’t like, and learning how other people’s personal preferences affect their thoughts on beer is such a fun and interesting time.

These events are also great for sampling beers from all across the Commonwealth and experience beers I’d probably never get my hands on, but are relatively within reach.

The reveal at the end of the day where we see who “won” is always the most exciting time — followed by the bottle share of course. There aren’t really winners and losers, since the entire event is a practice of understanding your own preferences. However, it’s always fascinating to learn the group picked a homebrewer over brewers that have been highly ranked nationally.

Brands, labels, and ratings can be deceiving, so do yourself a favor and try that beer at least once and form you’re own opinion.


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