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‘Fab Four’ soon pouring at a British Beer Co. near you

Beginning next month, you’ll find some of the U.K.’s best among a dozen bars across the state. 

The Fab Four have hopped across the pond once again for a return to Massachusetts!

Beginning next month, you’ll find some of the U.K.’s best among a dozen bars across the state. 

What’t that? Another British invasion?! You got that right!

It’s not a four-piece band made up of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. This time it’s some of England’s best craft beers served up stateside exclusively pouring at all 12 British Beer Company locations throughout the state.

The “Fab Four” program offers up rare, hand-picked beers highlighting the U.K.’s surging craft beer culture. Plus, not every pub’s lineup is the same. That means on any given day, BBC could be serving up 48 different brews that are nearly impossible to try without boarding a plane or setting sail for the Queen’s Kingdom.

“A craft beer revolution has reshaped the beer industry in the United Kingdom much like it has here in the United States,” said British Beer Co. director of operations Shane Egan. “London alone now boasts 100 breweries – twice the number found in New York City. The British Beer Co. will be the premier place in America to experience the best breweries and most exciting new flavors from the amazing British craft beer scene.”

One of the biggest names among the offerings is Manchester’s Cloudwater Brew Co., recently named one of the top five breweries in the world by

Other notable breweries include:

These beers will undoubtedly pair perfectly with all of BBC’s traditional English-style pub food.

Before you visit, enroll in the Fab Four Fan Club for exclusive offers and a heads-up on what’s on tap at your nearest BBC. Just text FABFOUR to 33222.


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