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‘Oh honey!’ Bud Light places mead in the crosshairs with new ad campaign

Bud Light is at it again. As AB InBev continues to buy up craft brews and squish competitors, they’ve launched another commercial clearly targeting the good-hearted fans of craft beer and other artisan beverages. 

The latest ad targets a new, rising star: mead.

In the 45 second commercial, peasants honor their king with gifts of Bud Light. However, one presents the king with a tasty “spiced honey mead wine.” Rather than praise, he is offered a “private tour of the ‘Pit of Misery.'”

This isn’t very surprising, as Bud Light continues to lose ground to the craft beer community. Many top commenters on the YouTube video show how effective this campaign may be.

“Whats this? You bring forth a wine that is three hundred times more valuable than cheap bottled fermented hops? How dare you!”

“Holy shit, spiced honey mead wine? Yes, please! Pro tip, if you’re going to sell your product don’t mention the infinitely superior and more valuable home made gift as something to be ashamed of, that just gets reflected back at you.”

I often wonder if these campaigns ever really work. If you’re a fan of Bud Light (and I’m not afraid to admit to ordering some at a ballgame or keeping a few in the fridge) you’re going to stick to what you like. But the same goes for craft.

You’re not going to sway somebody away from Trillium, Tree House, Monkish, Veil, or any other craft brewery with flashy commercials and billions in ad campaigns. These people know what they like and we’re sticking to it.


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