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Cracking the code to spot fresh beer

As I assume many people’s drinking and buying habits have changed throughout the pandemic, so have my own. In the “before times,” I purchased a good majority of my beers at the conclusion of a few rounds with friends at a taproom. Other times, I’d swing by a brewery on the way home from work. Now, with a combination of less drinking at home and far fewer trips to taprooms, I find myself popping into a local packie (or liquor store for those of you outside of New England) for a four-pack more often than I used to.

News RI

Local documentarians expose ‘The Craft’ of Rhode Island’s craft brewers

Nearly two years ago, three siblings set out to document the booming craft beer industry in their home state of Rhode Island. Now their full-length documentary will soon premier on the silver screen.

Mass News

Mass Brewers Guild says cheers to first year of mobile passport

It’s becoming more and more common to pair a good beer with a cell phone today. Brewers guilds across the country have taken notice and continue to adapt by moving paper brewery maps to the digital age.